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Abbott P.

Abbott P.

I have been at Publication Studio since the beginning of the program. I decided to apply to Publication Studio to challenge myself and grow in my artistic abilities. One of the art processes I have been learning is screen printing.  I have practiced this art process many times by printing on t-shirts and paper. Each time my final products got better from gaining experience. Now, I have gotten to the point where I can screen print independently. My screen printing alter ego is “Screen printing Cowboy”. I am also a musician myself and I was already making a cover CD of Cyndi Lauper.  There was a call for artwork at “Pinecone+Chickadee” that was inspired by the 80s. I got the idea to make a screen print of an 80s pop diva. I decided to keep on going making more pop divas so I could have a body of work for my own solo art show. My goal is to have a series of 80s pop divas and 80s male singers. I have also done reductive mono prints, Japanese reductive wood carvings, linoleum prints, and kitchen litho prints.  I even got commissioned to do some designs!

Latest Work:

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