An Arts Leadership program in Portland, Maine for adults with intellectual uniqueness.  
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Publication Studio is a leadership arts program for artists with intellectual uniqueness that offers immersive community programming. Started as a branch off of The Art Department in 2016, we are a graphic design studio, self-publishing hub, and print shop. Whether it be making our own comics, producing our quarterly newspaper “Sunny All Day News” or printing t-shirts and prints, the Publication Studio provides our artists with opportunities for jobs, life, and community engagement.

Our artists receive 75% of the sale price of their work, with the remainder returning to the program to purchase supplies.

You can shop for work made by out artists in our shop from 10am to 3pm,  Monday - Friday. 

All are welcome, Come check out the whats happening at
613 Congress St. in Portland, ME.


Phone: (207) 212 - 6971



Open Monday - Friday 10am to 3pm.
613 Congress St. in Portland, ME.