An Arts Leadership program in Maine for adults with intellectual uniqueness.  
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The Art Department and Publication Studio invite you to an evening of revelry at Congress Square Park on July 3rd, 2019!

Bizarre Bazaar is an outdoor market festival, it is a celebration of the strange and unusual, it is sure to amuse people of all ages. Come see wonderful art objects, surprising games and activities. Be dazzled by wonderful patterns and baubles, ponder the alluring artifacts fashioned by local artists, test your skill with beguiling games, or simply join us as an active observer in this carnival for the senses.

This is a free event open to all people, whether you are  through and through a native of the city or only stopping through for the day you are sure to walk away with a smile.

Those in costume will be greeted with glee.

The Art Department and Publication Studio are non-profit leadership programs of Creative Trails that advocate for career exploration for Maine artists with developmental and intellectual disabilities. They have been providing professional support since 2011 for artists striving to reach their creative potential. They provide an environment that encourages each individual to develop technical skills to collaborate with local artists and pursue strategies for self-promotion and connections through community events. Through public access to their studio space and art exhibitions, they strengthen community contacts and spark conversations that add to the vibrancy of the Portland art scene. The Art Department and Publication Studio are located at 611 and 613 Congress St. in Portland, Maine, where you can shop at the gallery and gift store.

JULY 3rd, 2019

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Open Monday - Friday Virtually 10am to 1pm.
148 Main St. in Biddeford, ME.