Count ME In

Work from the artists of Publication Studio and The Art Department From vibrant landscapes and playful illustrations to inventive sculptural works, Count Me In offers the public a closer look at the art being made by the creative and talented group of people affiliated with The Art Department and Publication Studio in Portland, Me.


May 10th 6:30 pm | Rines Auditorium

  • Poetry Reading with Rebecca Smith
  • “Disability Matters” artist talk with Sophie Rioux
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: What are day programs & what is the value of community inclusion?
  • THURSDAY MAY 17, 6:30 pm | Rines Auditorium

  • Film Screening: Guard of Honor

  • Lewis Art Gallery Portland Public Library
    5 Monument Sq, Portland, Maine 04101

    Open Monday - Friday 10am to 3pm.
    613 Congress St. in Portland, ME.
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