An Arts Leadership program in Portland Biddeford, Maine for adults with intellectual uniqueness.  
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We are moving to


While still doing Virtual Programing for the foreseeable future our hardware will be joining the amazing crew at The Art Certificate Program: TACP.

The Publication Studio is excited to share they will become an ART CERTIFICATE program, and will merge into the new sophisticated store front location on the Main Street in downtown Biddeford. The site hosts several studios within a 3000 sq. ft. loft building in the heart of the hip and growing city. The location also has a high-end gallery and retail store to sell the artists work. We look forward to maintain and grow the connections to the Portland artists and printmaking community and expand it to work with artists and printmakers in the Biddeford area.


Casablanca Comics presents

Portland Comic Expo

Posponed until:

October 25th!

May 31st 2020.

Find us at the Publication Studio table.

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Learn about our past #EVENTS and relive them with photos, audio, video, interviews and more.


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AT Publication Studio FOR A Night of Tetris 613 Congress Street March 4th 2020 5pm to 8pm Entry Fee of $8 includes Pizza  and Liquids for all to consume. Bring Tetris for others if you can, matters not if its gameboy, switch, 2ds or 3ds or any other system. Limited Space (08-12 People) Tetris Stops only for gods. Sign up @ Publication Studio

March 4th 2020 5pm to 8pm

Open Monday - Friday Virtually 10am to 1pm.
148 Main St. in Biddeford, ME.