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Josh L.

Welcome to the mind of Joshua A. Lonsdale, for I am one who oft blends madness and sanity with realism and illusion. What is real, or reality, Can I make you think outside or collapse your box of reality altogether, let us find out, for within the madness of myself, is something larger than the eye can see.

My work is geometric, illusion, and blend of mixed and maxed realities. My specialty however is with written words. For in my words and my words alone, can the insane mix in with reality and often will create nightmares, or dreams that cannot be forgotten.

Have you ever dabbled into mixed realities. Where real life meets the sane or insane, Ever wondered what it would be like if things were not as they appear. This is my reality, and one I share with those who deem it worthy of thought, something to read, and something not often pondered by many.

I will admit, most of my work is not for the faint of heart, but rather those who like myself see a mystery within the madness, to see many possible outcomes in one setting, And for those who enjoy from time to time, a little bit of madness in their daily life.

Latest Work:

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