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  View of Mascongus Bay 

by Abbott P.

 This is an 8.5”x11”Japanese reductive 7 layer wood carving print of a Maine landscape. The technique is called Moku Hanga. I choose to do a scene from the Muscongus Bay Lobster Pound. I first found a picture and edited it on Photoshop. Then I printed it out and in pencil drew the scene on my block of wood. Then I inked the image.  Then I carved away the parts that I didn’t want to have color. Next, I dipped my paintbrush into a special balm and then dipped the brush into the kind of water color that I wanted. I brushed it on the piece of wood and used a special brush to get the gradient of color that i wanted. Next, I used a tool to rub on the back of the wood to print it on a piece of damp rice paper.  I did this for each layer. I decided to pick the Muscongus Bay Lobster Pound as my Maine landscape because it is a special gem that my family and I go to every year. I have sold the original, but I can print some digital prints of the image. The print can either come framed, in card form, or packaged as a print.
The prices are as follows: print itself is $40 ( SOLD ) , in card form $3.

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