An Arts Leadership program in Portland, Maine for adults with intellectual uniqueness.  
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A Comic & Manga Preview Anthology.

Pub Stew!

We will be Premiering our Second Issue at MECAF taking plance this Saturday June 1st at the Public Library.

Find copies of PUB STEW at our Gallery/Shop, also
The Art Department, Coast City Comics and Casablanca Comics (No.2 Coming Soon!)
Interested on having a PUB STEW?
Let us know!

pub stew
noun: pub stew; plural noun: pub stew two: electric bogaloo!
1. the preparation and issuing of a stew, or other work for public sale.
A dish of comics and manga cooked slowly in liquid ideas inside a closed book or pamphlet.

“this pub stew is awesome”

Open Monday - Friday 10am to 3pm.
613 Congress St. in Portland, ME.