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MECAF 2018

Maine Comics Art Festival at the Portland Library.

Four Publication Studios debuted brand new comic books (Arsh Ken by Tucker, Drawn to Death: White by Ethan, Frog Tales by Ven and Castles and Dinos by Thy) and we also released the first ever issue of the Pub Stew comics anthology.

The Publication Studio also worked in conjunction with the Portland Library and Casablanca to promote a panel about the artists Catalina Rufin. She talked about her journey into comics and experiences on dealing with her own leadership.

Catalina shares her history as a cartoonist attending The Center for Cartoon Studies and her new work debuting at MECAF. Learn about her and ask her questions about making comics.
This panel will be moderated by Tucker from the Publication Studio.
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Since 2009, MeCAF has been Portland’s annual showcase for comic arts bringing creators to the public. Unlike a typical comic convention, there are no dealers and stores set up, just writers, artists and publishers.

Saturday Jun 2nd, 2018.

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